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Solar Panel Installation Adelaide

Solar Panel Installation Adelaide

Looking for Solar Panel Installation in Adelaide? Our versatile experience as solar panel installers and being known as one of the best panel provider in the Adelaide, South Australia area, Smart Switch Electrical have come a long way. Our solar energy installers Adelaide come with a vast experience in installing different types of solar panels catering to residential or commercial segments. Our professional services, combined with the expertise and knowhow about the benefits of tapping energy from the natural solar depot to what solar system is required and our after-installation services and maintenance services, has definitely helped create a name for ourselves.


Solar panel installations in Adelaide

For better sustainable living and to reduce the electricity bill, there are different types of solar panel installations that are commonly used in Adelaide, South Australia. Solar panel installers Adelaide like Smart Switch Electrical can install solar panels of your choice.

Solar Panel Installers Adelaide

The same are listed below:

solar panel installation adelaide

Solar panel

Monocrystalline solar panels don’t need much space but is costlier. The quality solar panel slices, cut from pure crystalline silicon bars

Monocrystalline solar panels don’t need much space but is costlier. The quality solar panel slices, cut from pure crystalline silicon bars are lined up in one direction; the panel provider says that they are very efficient in capturing maximum solar energy.


Polycrystalline panels also referred to as multicrystalline solar panels are good efficient panels, perfect for low light conditions, cost-effective and when installed do not occupy much space on roofs.

Hybrid panels are very efficient and generates a lot of solar power even from a smaller area, the price of these solar panels are more than crystalline panels.


Solar PV installers of BIPV Solar PV panels do say that these solar panels look like roofing tiles but are not as effective in harnessing solar energy as a conventional solar PV and do not last as long as other regular panels.

Your power consuming can be reduced when you install Solar Thermal panels that help heat water in your tank or pool and in some cases it can even undertake heating and cooling. This is perfect for both residential and commercial usage.


Solar panel installers in Adelaide, say that because of its solar power efficiency, we don’t need too many solar panels and they are perfect for roofing.

The average price of our packages for solar installations Adelaide ranges from $3,300* for a 3.0 kW system, for a 4.0 kW solar system it is $4,400* , and for a 5.0 kW solar system it is $5,500*

The same areSolar energy installers Adelaide, Smart Switch Electrical lists the many benefits of solar installations Adelaide. They include:

  • You can do your bit for the environment. You can opt to harness solar energy via solar installations Adelaideandgenerate solar power that can be used for commercial or residential purposes.
  • Efficient and experienced solar energy installers Adelaide will help reduce your power tariff.
  • When Solar photovoltaic (Solar PV) is installed by solar panel installers, your electricity bill is reduced and solar power takes care of your power consuming to a great extent.
  • Solar panel installations are a great ivestment and are definitely a long-term benefit. It definitely helps save a lot of money
  • Solar energy is available abundantly throughout the year and it is definitely reliable, dependable and a predictable source of natural energy.
  • If you install solar systems in your home or office, you can opt for some tax benefits.
  • And more so, it is sustainable, eco-friendly, low maintenance and helps reduce the carbon footprint.
  • So! You have made up your mind and have learnt a lot about the benefits of solar energy, tapping natural energy directly from the suns’ solar depot energy storage. For this, you should contact experienced solar energy installers Adelaide or professional solar panel installers in and around the Adelaide area in South Australia. And who better than Smart Switch Electrical!

    To know more about our services, contact the solar panel installers Adelaide today!

Solar Installation Includes:

No lock in contracts, you choose or keep your existing power provider
No middle man, you deal straight with the installer
Site inspection & recomendations
SA Power Networks Form A lodgement
SMA Sunny Boy Inverter
Inverter avaiable in either 3.0kW, 4.0kW or 5.0kW
Ulicasolar UL-250M-60 Solar Panels
Standard installation to single storey houses
Specialised installation to mutistorey houses
Internal or external installation of the inverter
Upgrading of power meter to feed back to the grid
Isolation switches for the system included
Bluetooth computer integration & dedicated monitoring display available

To know more about our services, contact the solar panel installers Adelaide today!

3.0 kW $3,300*
4.0 kW $4,400
5.0 kW $5,500*

SUNNY BOY 3000TL / 4000TL / 5000TL

solar panel installation adelaide

Solar Packages from

The ideal solution particularly for demanding PV arrays and partially shaded plants: As multi-string devices, the new transformerless Sunny Boy 3000TL, 4000TL and 5000TL models offer maximum planning and realization flexibility.
high DC voltage of 750 V proves to be a cost advantage, since fewer parallel strings are required.
Solar Panel Adelaide

Ulicasolar UL-250M-60 Solar Panels

Solar Panel Installation adelaide

Clean Energy Council

*Subject to Rebates at time of order.

Based on single storey, Adelaide Greater Metropolitan Area installation & subject to site inspection.

Solar installations are excluded from discounts, vouchers & promotions.

High performance under low light conditions. Wind loads of up to 2400Pa.

Solar Panel Installers Adelaide


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