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Electrican Craigmore. We offer affordable and safe electrical work, solar panel installation, testing & tagging for homes and businesses in and around Craigmore.

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Looking for Electrician in Craigmore? Smart Switch Electrical is an Adelaide-based and South Australia-owned and operated electrical services company. At Smart Switch Electrical our services include domestic, commercial and solar installations in Craigmore.

If you are seeking an electrician in Craigmore to undertake some electrical installations and repairs, cable repairs and replacements and some electrical upgrades around your residence or you want regular maintenance work, smoke detector testing and electrical safety inspections, Testing & Tagging, to be carried out at your commercial space, we are always at your service. Or if you want to know more about our solar solutions, the cost advantages of installing solar inverters, then we are the go to people.

Our electricians Craigmore have been successfully offering electrical services like electrical installations, maintenance and repair services to the Adelaide suburbs in South Australia. Our professional, experienced electrician in Craigmore and electrical contractor has the knowhow and expertise any electrical-related services.

If you reside in the Craigmore suburb or own an office space there and you are facing a sudden power outage or there is a problem with your safety installations, then our electrician in Craigmore undertakes emergency electrical services too.

To know more about the electrical services undertaken by our electricians Craigmore, contact us at 1300 399 300 or write to us at enquiry@smartswitchelectrical.com.au

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